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Turned and Sculpted Wood 2020

An Exhibition of Fine Contemporary Wood Art

This is the 5th year that Wood Symphony Gallery is presenting its Turned and Sculpted Wood exhibition curated by Larisa Safaryan. The exhibition is made up of artworks by the most prominent masters of wood art. Turned and Sculpted Wood yearly exhibition has become a major event in the wood art world by presenting to the public the finest selection of contemporary wood art.


The exhibition features over 120 pieces created by 59 artists from across the United States, France, Italy, Germany, Ireland, UK, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Korea, Japan, South Africa and as far away as Australia, which makes it the largest and the most comprehensive online exhibition. This is an overview of what is currently going on in the field of Contemporary Wood Art. We hope that you enjoy this year's presentation of Turned and Sculpted Wood.

Click on each image to view details.

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