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Small Treasures 2017

Small Treasures 2017: An exhibition by Wood Symphony Gallery curated by Larisa Safaryan

Wood Symphony Gallery: Turned and Sculpted Wood 2016

Larisa Safaryan reports on their recent exhibition titled "Turned and Sculpted Wood 2016" and selects some of her favorite pieces to share with us here.

Keeping del Mano Gallery's Legacy Alive

It has been five years since the closing of the del Mano Gallery's brick and mortar location ans almost two years since the passing of owner Ray Leier and the on-line store. del Mano was the leading proponent of turned wood, as the premier venue for showcasing established artists and nurturing emerging talent. Larisa Safaryan is keeping the legacy alive on her Wood Symphony Gallery website...

Carving Together: Nairi and Larisa Safaryan

Nairi Safaryan and his daughter Larisa Safaryan are Armenian-born artists who both have a love of carving. Nairi has a reputation of creating incredibly intricate woodcarvings where he likes to test the properties of wood to their extreme and Larisa is currently carving in the medium of eggshells; if anything even more fragile-looking carvings than her father's.

Delicate Artistry

Nairi Safaryan uses an indescribable technique to create utterly unique art.

By Kathleen Ryan

Like Father, Like Daughter

Larisa Safaryan is an "egg"straordinary carver, too.

By Kathleen Ryan

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