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Holland Van Gores

Echoes of the Ocean
Marine-Inspired turned, carved, textured and painted hollow forms 

Wood Symphony Gallery is pleased to present "Echoes of the Ocean", an extraordinary showcase of Holland Van Gores' exceptional wood artistry inspired by the enchanting depths of the ocean.

Holland Van Gores, born in Southern California, discovered his passion for woodworking during his childhood. He spent his career in building construction, focusing on finish woodworking, which deepened his appreciation for the versatility and beauty of wood. Much of Holland's work is inspired by the organic shapes and textures found in the sea. Living in the Caribbean for 34 years, he was captivated by the clear, warm tropical waters, which became a profound influence on his art. His pieces often reflect the fluidity and intricate detail of marine life, bringing a touch of the ocean's magic into each creation.

Holland's creative process is a blend of precision and artistry. He begins on the lathe, carefully forming the initial shape. The piece is then hollowed and dried before he meticulously reshapes, carves, and textures it. This dedicated process allows him to transform wood into stunning works of art that evoke the serene beauty and vibrant energy of the sea.

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