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Meindert Regoort & Coco M. Van Gent

Meindert Regoort

Wood, and in particular massive wood, is a willful and challenging material. The art lies in the talent to make the wood behave the way you want i to and shape it to your design. Sometimes my designs are almost tranparant, sometimes it is solid and sometimes it is more ‘wood around the holes’. To create my free work I prefer strongly marked wood, vivid with a capricious growth or telling it’s story through scars. Maybe spalted by a fungus that draws black Lines into the wood… it fungus or is it fabulous?

Coco M. van Gent

The meaning of my work must be found in colour, Lines and composition. My development as an artist leads to my current work. Since 2009 I work with woodveneer in a innovative, self-developed mannes. Unique and using exclusive woods. I take nature out of he context and place her on a unexpected background, sometimes figurative  but often confusingly towards abstract and….

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