“I started using this unconventional and fragile medium because it resembles the fragility of life. I can show through my works how beautiful and ephemeral that fragility can be.”

Larisa Safaryan's unique sculptures on egg shells are her subtle but direct expression of the joy, energy and emotionality that she carries inside her. Larisa has never attended an art class, but her fingers and creative imagination are everything she ever needed to create art which is like nothing that exists at this time.

Her sculptures are delicate but intense, elaborate yet simple, harmonious and elegant. The spirit of innovation and excitement is at the heart of all that Larisa Safaryan creates. The love, passion and though that goes into each of her sculptures is truly inspirational.


Larisa Safaryan was born in Yerevan, Armenia. Larisa has never attended an art class. It's not a surprise, however, that she started carving after seeing the work of her father, Nairi Safaryan. She has a master’s degree in Psychology, and a second master’s degree in Public Management. These obviously have nothing to do with art. Her talent and passion for art resides inside her, until she beautifully displays it to the world through her carvings.

Larisa Safaryan claims that nature and people are her greatest inspiration. Without question, she is an innovator in what she does. Currently Larisa Safaryan lives and works in Los Angeles, California.