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Hal Metlitzky

As an artist, I find it very rewarding when my artwork inspires in others the emotional and visceral reactions that I felt in creating the piece. I love to share my work with other people, and hopefully bring to them an enjoyment of the beauty of wood and wooden art. I love doing segmented work as I am fascinated by the challenge of incorporating engineering design into woodturning. The interplay of these techniques, along with carefully selecting from the wide palette of vibrant colors found in exotic woods, enables me to create the intricately patterned art found in my work.

Hal’s specialty is constructing bowls out of thousands of pieces of colored woods. He pioneered the technique of portraying motion in segmented turnings by creating swirling patterns that draw the eye down to the center of the bowl. His latest series takes its inspiration from the swirling double helix that forms the basis building blocks of life.

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