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Hal Metlitzky

Jammer-Log, 2018

Ebony, Holly, Yellow heart, Old growth Indian rosewood,
Satine, Chakte viga, and apricot log

13.5"h x 16"w x 11"d



SKU: HM-01-15
  • Verb: Yammer – To talk in a loud and repetitive voice.

    About 1750 pieces of wood. Design inspiration: Two horns, with a wide gap between them, point in different directions and each bellows out its own tune. The sound coming from one horn starts with light notes and spirals towards dark notes with a right-hand twist. In contrast, the second horn plays notes that spiral out from dark to light notes with a lefthand twist. Neither horn makes any attempt to find a common tempo or to harmonize. Yammer-Log depicts our current political system – opposing parties that should be engaged in dialog with each other but instead ‘yammerlog’ in the direction of their supporters.

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