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Solo Exhibition

​Wood Symphony Gallery is pleased to present Ulf Jansson's solo exhibition “Delicate Simplicity". The pieces in the exhibition are simple, yet elegant and beautiful. The simplicity of forms, in combination with delicate masterful turning and some cuts on the rim, are very characteristic of the artist. Jansson's pieces are unique and ingenious. 

According to Ulf Jansson, about 30 years ago he heard a man say “many wood turners hide lack of skill behind a beautiful piece of wood”. These words went right into the artist's heart. Jansson brings out the beauty of wood through his incredible turning skills and unparalleled sense of beauty. Most of Jansson's turning is end grain turning with woods grown in Sweden, where birch is his favorite. With his technical background, the artist likes to think in terms of formulas and mathematics, which is visible in his work.

The exhibition features 22 pieces created between 2018 - 2019. The basic surface treatment of the bowls is linseed oil. According to the artist, the log gives the outer border of limitations while the turning reveals properties not noticeable prior to the turning. The result can be seen as a time capsule where events are recorded as variations and imperfections in the year rings.

Beauty based on simplicity will last! Less is more! These are short sentences encapsulating the belief and vision of the artist, that guide him in his creative process. Ulf Jansson also says that people traveling on rail never get to new places. Truly, the innovative spirit can be seen in all his pieces.


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