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Sandy Huse

Sandy Huse came to sculpture in a round-about way. In college, she began fine art studies to become an animator, but became sidetracked by a workstudy job in technical theatre. She became enchanted by working behind the scenes for road shows featuring magicians to monkeys to opera to Shakespeare. Soon, this led to a change in her life-travel arc. She switched focus & finished her BFA in technical theatre & worked for over 30 years as a theatrical property artisan & designer. This included live stage, television, movies, a couple of Olympic ceremonies & any other event needing the design & execution of 3-dimensional objects. But, during all this time, she never lost the art “bug” & continued her own process through different media including textiles, paper, mosaic, found objects & finally, wood sculpture with mixed materials: a logical extension of her prop work which required familiarity with endless types of materials & processes. She is currently a full-time artist living & working in Los Angeles, CA.

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