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Rick Crawford

Trader Rick's Maicha'i Tea Set, 2015

Red Cedar

16.5"h x 12"w x 8"d


Trader Rick's Maicha'i Tea Set

SKU: RC-01-5
  • Recycled Western Red Cedar from a signpost, turned, carved, textured, no finish. The top is a coconut shell, topped with recycled copper that has been fold-formed, with flame patina. The handle and spout are recycled CopperNickel coolant tubing, with verdigris patina. The cups are recycled copper 2" tubing that has been fold-formed utilizing a 20 ton hydraulic press, with added flame patinas, and their bases are recycled Western Red Cedar, that have been turned and textured. The tray is a repurposed inverted railroad rail sleeper chair (that's what the rail sits on top of on the sleeper, otherwise known as a crosstie), with ferrous oxide patina.

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