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Pat and Karen Miller

Picture Gorge, 2015

Birch Wood

7.5"h x 4.5"w x 4"d


Picture Gorge

SKU: PKM-05-4
  • A lidded vessel inspired by a local landscape. Our central Washington studio sits atop 15,000 feet of solid igneous rock, seemingly bland at a distance but most gorgeous as it cools into majestic columns that weather into muted colors and provide a footing for vibrant lichens. The name of the piece is taken from one of the many tens of named layers making up one of the world's largest basalt plateaus. The subtle coloration has been obtained with acrylics that have brushed, sponged and washed back to give the desired effect. The interior floor reveals a hint of the process, fissures that provided the magma which created this inspiring and unique landscape. -P.K.Miller

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