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Nancy Adams

My work is individually wheel-thrown white earthenware vessels with hand-carved and hand-modeled flora and fauna motifs. Low fire glazes are airbrushed on the ware in multiple coats and then fired to maturity in an electric kiln. I prefer the quiet atmosphere of the lone studio potter. For me it is the perfect lure for the elusive muse that both inspires and propels my work. I'm interested in interspecies relationship, the vessel and the art of tea as a bridgeway.

I've spent many happy years perfecting my skills and revel in the strength to express my homage to what is most sacred to me, the natural environment. I want to celebrate all the wonderful living things on the earth. The heart of my work has always been the lovely symmetry of the wheel-thrown vessel. I love the way it meets the sky, the way it looks at the edge, very much like the horizon stepping into infinity. It is here that the magic takes place, the wonderful point of transformation.

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