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"wood symphony" by NAIRI SAFARYAN

Solo  Exhibition

Wood Symphony Gallery is pleased to present Nairi Safaryan’s “WOOD SYMPHONY” solo exhibition. The resemblance of the name of the gallery and the title of the exhibition is not a mere coincidence.


The story goes back almost two decades when an art lover, after silently viewing Nairi Safaryan’s sculptures for a long time, pronounced with an admiration that what Safaryan had created was a Symphony in Wood. Many years later this sentence served as an inspiration to Larisa Safaryan, Nairi’s daughter, when she was naming the gallery.

This exhibition features over 40 pieces created by Nairi Safaryan in the past several years. Each stunning piece is carved to the limits of the wood's capacity by combining technical knowledge with artistic talent. Digging several layers deep, Nairi Safaryan's expert hands achieve extraordinary levels of refinement.

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