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nairi safaryan
Harmony in Form | Solo Exhibition

Wood Symphony Gallery is pleased to present Nairi Safaryan' solo exhibition "Harmony in Form". We welcome you to the artistic realm of Nairi Safaryan, where the exhibition becomes a celebration of both the human spirit and abstract forms in harmonious coexistence. This curated collection invites you to explore Safaryan's mastery in sculpting, where wood takes on myriad expressions, from the graceful curves of feminine forms to the intriguing abstraction of ethereal shapes.

In every piece, whether a depiction of timeless feminine beauty or an exploration of abstract realms, Safaryan's mastery unveils a profound connection between material and vision. Witness the seamless interplay of harmony and form, where the organic nature of wood becomes a conduit for artistic expression.

This is a poetic exploration into the intricate nuances of the human form and abstraction. Safaryan, with a masterful hand and an astute eye, beckons us to reconsider our perceptions of beauty and form. These sculptures are not static entities; they are living embodiments of the eternal, inviting us to partake in a visual dialogue that transcends the ordinary.


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