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Turned and Burned

Mike & Georgianne Jackofsky

Wood Symphony Gallery is pleased to present Turned and Burned two-person exhibition. The exhibition features the spectacular hollow vessels by Mike Jackofsky, made of really beautiful, unique burls, along with collaboration work where Georgianne Jackofsky, Michael's sister-in-law, added her incredible woodburning.


Mike Jackofsky specializes in hollow vessels, most of which are natural edge pieces made from unique burls, but he also turns bowls, including thin, natural edge open bowls, off balance asymmetrical pieces, hollow forms with “wings”, and sculptural forms. According to Mike, with his work, there is always a balance between taking advantage of the beautiful and unique characteristics of the material, without letting it completely dictate what he makes with it. The shape/form is the most important aspect of his hollow vessels, and while many are similar, no two are exactly alike. The added challenge of hollowing thin vessels through very small openings makes each piece technically difficult to complete.

Georgianne Jackofsky is a freelance illustrator from New York. As an illustrator, Georgianne has always been drawn to the beauty of geometric shapes, both those formed by nature and those created by the human hand. By incorporating geometric patterns into her work, Georgianne has been able to combine her passion for both art and mathematics, creating the perfect vehicle to explore and express her creative ideas. She is particularly influenced by the designs on ancient bowls, cave walls, textiles, medieval manuscripts, and, most notably, maps.

The exhibition features over thirty collaborative and non-collaborative pieces created by Mike and Georgianne Jackofsky. The beautiful hollow vessels demonstrate Mike's talent and mastery in woodturning, while the collaboration pieces represent a balance between the beauty and form of the wood, and Georgianne's pyrographic illustrations.

​​Click on each image to view details.

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