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Melissa Woodburn

I am inspired by using a variety of media to express statements about the rhythms and cycles of living.  The creative nature of the universe excites me and I filter this through my lens of female experience.  

​After graduating from college with a BFA, I worked as a graphic designer for fifteen years. When I moved to California, I became interested in the meditative world, how meditation unlocks visualization, and how that in turn unlocks female power.  When I wanted to start a family, I helped found and run a freestanding birth center in San Rafael, and taught meditation techniques to pregnant moms to open their sense of feminine power in labor.  This profound experience still influences my art today and can be seen in the many vessel shapes that I use.

While using traditional materials (pine needles and ceramic) and traditional methods (coiling and slab), I push the final product into a non-traditional sculptural vessel, while honoring the original rhythms of the materials.  The finished vessels make statements about a moment in time, a sense of place, a cycle started, a cycle complete.

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