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Klaus Kirchner

Already as a child I came into contact with wood while helping my parents with collecting wood for the oven to have it warm in the winter times. After many years not thinking about it and working in the IT industry I came across a magazine about woodturning in 2005 and since I didn't have a clue how a bowl could be produced I wanted to learn it in a woodturning course. After i did a 2 day workshop at dns (a well known woodturning school in Neckarsteinach in Germany) I was hooked.

Since then I attended many courses with well known woodturners and additionally I also did courses in stone sculpting and working with other materials. Since 2015 I made the decision to work part time in order to have more time for the field of creative woodturning and woodworking with the focus on boxes, bowls, hollow forms, wooden lamps and sculptures. I show my work at art fairs, galleries and other art exibitions. I work ususally with home grown timbers, wood that is already available and would be disposed otherwise. I try to have the wood speak for itself, and when suitable I apply texture and/or color to it.

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