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Christian Burchard  


Wood Symphony Gallery is pleased to announce the highly anticipated solo exhibition of renowned artist Christian Burchard, titled "New Compositions." The exhibition features 12 magnificent sculptures meticulously created by the artist in the year 2023, which are exemplary representations of Burchard's distinctive style and profound philosophy. Burchard's sculptures are a testament to the artist's connection with wood and his ability to transform natural elements into evocative works of art.

Christian Burchard's artistic journey spans four decades, during which he honed his art as a furniture maker, housebuilder, wood turner, and sculptor. His extensive experience has led him to a profound evolution in his artistic expression. The exhibition "New Compositions" marks a turning point in Christian Burchard's creative process, as he delves deep into the essence of wood and unveils its profound beauty, strength, history, and soul.

Foregoing the pursuit of external beauty and complete control over the artistic process, Burchard has embraced the exploration of wood's inherent structure and its awe-inspiring strength. Burchard exclusively uses the timber and the roots of Pacific Madrone for its unique characteristics.

In the creation of each piece, Burchard initiates a daring dance between intention and spontaneity. Cutting the roots in various ways, he approaches the artistic process with only a vague notion of the results, allowing the wood's inner nature to guide the final form. The thickness of the cuts determines the outcome, with some pieces displaying distortion and cracks, which become an expressive release of tension.

Burchard’s artistic process also involves interventions with wedges, clamps, water, heat, fire, and the effects of weathering, enabling the inherent qualities of the material to reveal themselves. This dynamic interplay between control and letting go lies at the heart of Burchard's work, giving rise to what he aptly terms the "predictable unpredictability." It is within this creative tension that he finds the means to create objects and convey narratives that would otherwise remain untold.


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