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Amber Aguirre

My current body of work reflects the experiences I have had in my life that are often whimsical yet depict the human condition. I use anthropomorphic figures as the vehicle to explore the emotions that we all experience in our humanity. I
reference art, contemporary culture, religion, mythology, and other forms of social determinism in non-traditional ways to engage my subjects in activities that confront the viewer with the experiences of our own fallibility.
To accentuate the narrative, I use various surface treatments to emphasize different aspects of the work. Along with a minimal use of colorful glazes, I use a surface technique that I developed known as "Naked Fauxku". This approach
reproduces a likeness to Naked Raku but is created in a high fire, oxygenated atmosphere with no reduction. The advantage of this technique is that it creates a cracked and painful looking surface that adds subliminal meaning to the work, while technically imparting it with a durability that is unattainable from un-vitrified raku work.

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