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Yann Marot

Around the curve

Solo Exhibition

Wood Symphony Gallery is pleased to present Yann Marot's solo exhibition "Around the Curve". This exhibition features over twenty incredible pieces created by the artist over the past two years.

Yann Marot is renowned artist who lives and creates in Provence, France. Constantly in search of simplicity, Yann's creative work is marked by tight curves, simple shapes and thin textures. The artist believes that curve is an emotion. The pieces selected for this exhibition are the continuation of Yann's research work around the curve and the emotion it provokes. The artists has also played with contrasting textures and different ways to dress wood. Many of the pieces tell a story about an encounter with fig tree. According to the artist while working with the fig tree he passed from one strong emotion to another. With its spectacular distortion during the drying process, fig tree is like a lion that Yann tries to tame. You will find several turned bowls in the exhibition. Yann never got bored turning bowls. Rim, shape, bottom, there is so much to say and to explore that one lifetime will not be half enough. We are pleased to share with you a survey of Yann Marot's work, which includes some of his finest pieces that are outstanding examples of the artist’s signature style.

"The pieces included in this exhibition are a couple of songs. If technique disappears in favor of emotion and a bit of poetry, I would have felt like I realize something meaningful."  Yann Marot


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