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Steve Shelby

Steve Shelby Has been working with metal since the early 1970's. After graduating from Ball State University with a degree in Art with concentration in jewelry and metalsmithing, He went to Philadelphia for a couple years, taking some classes at Tyler School of Art, and working for a jewelry manufacturer. Not happy with big city life, he moved back to Indiana and a job at Fox Products Corp., manufacturer of double-reed musical instruments, where he worked as a skilled craftsman, making metal parts for Fox contra bassoons. Although this work was not creative, it gave him a knowledge of metal and toolmaking that is extremely valuable in his current work. After his four children were grown, he was ready to return to the art he loved back in the 70's. In 2002, he started again making art objects out of brass. Gradually he progressed from making a couple pieces a year to making it his main occupation. Although brass is still his favorite material, he also uses copper, bronze, and silver. All of his art is threedimensional, hammered out from flat sheet. The beautiful forms, inspired mostly from nature, take precedence over everything else, and surface adornment and fine detail is kept to a minimum. Steve does his work in an unassuming little wooden building out in the country near South Whitley, Indiana, where he can work undisturbed, and there are no neighbors close enough to be disturbed by the noise of his hammering. Although he has done some production work, he prefers making one-of-a-kind pieces, always pushing himself to explore new creative territory. His pieces are strong and durable as well as timeless and universal, and could very well be appreciated by people centuries from now.

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