Joshua Salesin
Miniature Nut and Seed Vessel Collection, 2012

A collection of 18 nut & seed miniatures ranging from 1/4" to 2" height, plus two whole and two partial seed pod specimens. These carefully hollow-turned miniatures are made from seed pods and palm nuts from around the world. 

10"h x 16"w x 3"d


Miniature Nut and Seed Vessel Collection

SKU: JS-01-24
  • Specimens include (by compartment, left to right, top to bottom): 1 – Kalamantan Palm Nut, Beetle Palm Nut; 2 – Manila Palm Nut, Giant Raphia Palm Nut; 3 – A. O. 'The' Palm Nut, Australian Black Palm Nut; 4 – Banksia Flower, Tagua Nut; 5 – Ivory Nut Palm Nut, Alexander Palm Nut; 6 – Stilt Root Palm Nut, A. O. 'Coh' Palm Nut; 7 – Black Palm Wood, Bismark Palm Nut; 8 – Doum Palm Nut, Magic Medicine Nut; 9 – Doum Palm Nut, Foxtail Palm Nut; Left outer shelf – Manila Palm Nut, Bismark Palm Nut; Right outer shelf – Betel Nut Palm Nut, Australian Black Palm Nut.

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