Ken Deaner

Interactive Locked Box 4, 2019

Cherry, lacquer, acrylics

5.75"h x 8"w x 8"d


Interactive Locked Box 4

SKU: KD-04-15
  • This piece is heavily carved, burned and textured to create the faux mother-of-pearl decoration.  Remove the gold colored pin by pulling it through the two mushroom stalks and the top.  Gently turn the stalks so that the pins inside the box are parallel with the slots they are in.  The pins at the bottom of each stalk slide to make inserting and removing them easier.  They can now be removed.  The top will come off with a gentle pull. When reinserting the long gold colored pin make sure that it goes in bowed down toward the surface of the sculpture so that it does not break. The base of the piece is decorated.

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