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How to Protect Wood Art

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

A wood carving is a work of art that is made to last a long time.

Rose Jewelry Box by Nairi Safaryan
Rose Jewelry Box by Nairi Safaryan

A wood carving is a work of art that is made to last a long time. However, wood is a natural medium, and it is sometimes prone to weathering, fading or cracking, unless you take special care of it. Following a regular regimen of treatment and paying attention to the environmental conditions in which you keep your carving will help you to maintain the original beauty of the artwork.

  1. Prevent handling and touching of the carving as much as possible. Handling can wear down the carving while oils from the skin can accumulate on the wood.

  2. Protect the carving from excessive sunlight. Move your wooden art into an area that only experiences indirect sunlight. Light can dull the appearance of the artwork. Ultraviolet rays can destroy a piece of beauty in a matter of a few weeks to months. These rays penetrate the molecular structure of the finishes, the color, and the wood itself. Keep the carving in an area with low amounts of natural light. If possible, set up room or display lights to be on only when the carving is being viewed or when people are in the room.

  3. Dust your carving regularly. Dry dust with a soft duster, e.g. a feather duster. Brush any grooved areas with a clean paintbrush, following the direction of the grain of the wood. Never use a damp cloth to clean the wooden art.

  4. Avoid extreme temperatures. Wood, whether finished or not, absorbs whatever its surroundings have to offer. Dryness will shrink wood and eventually cause it to split from lack of moisture. Too much moisture, on the other hand, can swell wood and also cause it to crack and or split from stress. Keep the carving as far away from heating and air conditioning vents as possible, because they create a temperature variance that is too extreme for the artwork. It is crucial to keep an even temperature and humidity level in your home.

Write us, if you have a question about wood care. We would be happy to share our knowledge with you. Use the form in our website, find us on Facebook , Instagram or Twitter to send us your question, and we’ll answer you directly.

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1 Comment

Jun 09, 2022

Very helpful recommendations. What can I do to protec my wood sculpture if I will take it from Miami (humid) to Tucson (dry)? Thank you.

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