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Wood has always appealed to me and Karen. Fences, shade, Christmas trees, firewood, two by fours, our life has been surrounded and bettered by trees and their products. Maybe that’s why in our later years when the need to make a living and make our way was replaced by a desire to make for fun and fulfillment that we turned to wood. I have always been a maker of functional, purposeful items. Whether that be welded metal or sawn and joined timber, using raw materials, my mind and hands to produce an item or solve a problem has always been at my core.
Karen has always had the ability to see past the obvious of an object to find the small details, textures and colors that combine to produce what we see. Her patterns and designs created with pyrography, carving and pigment reflect that depth of view. Together we have combined our skills and life experiences to travel hand in hand a path as a “couple of artists”.

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