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Fire & Form: A collaborative Exhibition of Hollow Vessels
Mike and Georgianne Jackofsky

Wood Symphony Gallery is pleased to present "Fire & Form", a two-person exhibition that harmonizes the artistry of woodturning and pyrography. The exhibition features the spectacular hollow vessels masterfully turned by Mike Jackofsky from unique burls, along with collaborative pieces where Georgianne Jackofsky, Michael's sister-in-law, added her incredible woodburning expertise to complement these exquisite wood creations.


Mike Jackofsky is a master of hollow vessels. Mike's philosophy revolves around achieving a delicate equilibrium. He harnesses the innate beauty and individuality of each wood piece without allowing it to entirely dictate his artistic direction. The paramount focus in his hollow vessels lies in their shape and form, where similarity exists, yet no two pieces are identical. The additional challenge of hollowing these vessels through narrow openings elevates the technical difficulty of each creation, making every piece an exceptional piece of art.

As an illustrator, Georgianne Jackofsky passionately embraces the allure of geometric shapes, whether they originate by nature or created by the human hand. Her artistic journey fuses the worlds of art and mathematics, with geometric patterns serving as her expressive canvas. Georgianne draws inspiration from a diverse array of sources, including ancient bowl designs, cave murals, textile patterns, medieval manuscripts, and, most notably, maps.


This exhibition unveils a stunning collection of more than thirty pieces, both collaborative and individual, curated by Mike and Georgianne Jackofsky. "Fire & Form" is a celebration of artistry, where wood and fire converge to create an enchanting symphony of shapes and patterns.

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