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Michael Foster

I have been turning wood for over 25 years. I have gone through a progression of my skills and a slow evolution of my work. Originally I turned functional items like pens, bowls and boxes but slowly changed the focus of my work more towards decorative art. I concentrated on segmented work for a while, but soon evolved into more sculptural work, as I have always wanted to explore that avenue of expression. Sculpture is a better media to express my interests in the sciences and math. I love science and some of the fascinating discoveries in biology, physics and astronomy. I continue to do work inspired by the sciences and find that the natural world often has structure that is so easily defined by mathematics. The last few years I have really become quite interested in the intersection of math and art. One may not realize it at first, but there is an endless supply of art inspiration to explore in the world of mathematics. I have not exhausted this well of ideas, but do not confine myself to this work as I draw on all my interests for inspiration. I have just recently added a quite different series to my works based on my love for birding and bird photography. I expect this series will grow, however I will still explore the world of math and science in my work as well.

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