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Max Brosi

My work is in a constant state of evolution towards a more raw, honest, and calm aesthetic. Everything is in a state of transience, wood warps, metal corrodes. The result of these natural processes is a heightened aesthetic character in the material. The static becomes dynamic, the perfect becomes imperfect.

Many years of working with wood has taught me to design movement into my work by utilizing the natural tendency of wet oak to warp as it dries. Sandblasting reveals the hidden three dimensional texture of the grain and rays.

I use simple geometric forms like cylinders and spheres, frequently turned over several axes on the lathe, to explore a visual concept and tell a story. This story can be a social or political commentary, or often just a simple exploration of form.

The distortion and texture of the warped wood breathes life into the starkness of geometric form and softens the brutality of cold, rusty steel. This tension between materials excites me.

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