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Gordon Pembridge

Gordon Pembridge was born in Kenya and spent his first ten years there. As a young boy being lucky enough to experience the wilds of Africa, along with many an adventure in the bush, Gordon has developed a passion for natural history.
Having moved to New Zealand, Gordon has been involved extensively with the great outdoors including tramping, hunting, fishing, scuba diving. Gordon has grown to love the New Zealand bush for its unique flora and fauna.
Another part of Gordon’s life is his artwork, particularly his natural history illustrations and fine art, this combined with his love of woodworking has also developed into woodturning. Gordon started woodturning in 2004 at the South Auckland Woodturners Guild. Gordon has developed a series of thin turned pieces with a pierced fern as a signature piece. In these pieces Gordon loves exploring the boundaries of woodturning on the lathe and then hand carving of intricate designs into the timber. The designs in Gordon’s turned pieces are inspired from his love of New Zealand natural history.

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