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Emmet Kane


Solo Exhibition

​Wood Symphony Gallery is pleased to present Emmet Kane's solo exhibition "Evolving". This exciting exhibition features twenty-three incredible pieces created by Emmet Kane over the last two years.

Emmet Kane is a self taught wood sculptor who lives and creates in Ireland. Kane uses mainly Irish wood that comes from sustainable resources.  Kane's work is constantly developing and evolving which is evident in his latest work. In this exhibition one will see Kane has revisited the large wall pieces e.g. "PS19EK" which he was known for creating in the early part of this century, using his distinctive use of gold leaf with ebonised oak and ever evolving textures to create stunning pieces of wall art. The artist has started to use graphite powder on finishing the pieces which gives them a real metal like finished.  Emmet Kane has also gone back and visited Bleaching the the oak which is really beautiful e.g. "Turrtha Oir" and the other stunning pieces.  Kane is excited with the challenge of making, creating and always finds ways of pushing his skill.


We are pleased to share with you a survey of Emmet Kane's work, which includes some of his finest pieces that are outstanding examples of the artist’s signature style.

Click on each image to view details.

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