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I am a professional woodturner living and working in rural Scotland, producing wooden vessels and sculptures from my workshop and gallery in Perthshire. I have always strived to produce work of the highest quality and integrity using locally sourced wood. I have been on the Register of Professional Turners since 1999 and have exhibited widely throughout the UK. I have work in the permanent craft collections of the Shipley Art Gallery, Scottish Parliament as well as private collections.

In collage I studied fine art before spending several years traveling. During my travels I had numerous professions including; fisherman, busker, carpenter and chef before returning to Scotland to become a woodturner. I still have many interests outside woodturning and in my free time I’m a keen gardener, forager and preserver of wild food as well as a DJ and professional photographer. All these interests contribute to and influence my creativity as a woodturner as I continually draw on my surroundings for inspiration.

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