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Michael Hosaluk | Past and Present

Wood Symphony Gallery is pleased to present Michael Hosaluk's solo exhibition "Past and Present". The exhibition explores the masterful journey through the artistry of Hosaluk, where wood is transformed into profound tales and stunning creations.


Hailing from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Hosaluk's career has been marked by prestigious awards, global exhibitions, and recognition by renowned institutions. His work resides in esteemed collections worldwide, including Buckingham Palace; the Los Angeles County Museum of Art; the Detroit Institute of Arts; Boston Museum of Art, the Yale University Art Gallery; the Minneapolis Institute of Arts; and the Royal Ontario Museum. Hosaluk's influence extends beyond his stunning pieces; his lectures and demonstrations have inspired audiences across the world.

Hosaluk's unique blend of personal stories and technical artistry encapsulates his approach: "Intertwining stories from my life with technical artistry excites me. To know that each day can bring a new path to follow that will set me reeling in directions where control is lost. Where concepts are questioned and can only be defined/understood later by working through the process."


Join us in celebrating the timelessness of Michael Hosaluk's art, where the past and present converge to create a captivating narrative of his artistic journey.

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