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Guillaume Fontaine


Wood Symphony Gallery is pleased to present "Metamorphosis", a solo exhibition featuring the remarkable wood artist, Guillaume Fontaine. Fontaine's artistic journey is characterized by a deep-rooted passion for woodworking, which first took hold two decades ago during his studies in cabinetmaking and ornamental sculpture. However, it was the introduction to woodturning in 2018 that truly revolutionized his artistic approach. 

Fontaine's works, whether they be contemporary compositions or clever trompe-l'oeil pieces, exemplify a mastery of technique and an intuitive grasp of the medium. Central to Guillaume's artistic process is his love for local wood, each piece bearing the scars of time and telling its own story. As he works, a dialogue unfolds between the artist and material, resulting in a metamorphosis that breathes new life into the wood.

​In his pursuit of innovation, Guillaume constantly seeks to push the boundaries of traditional woodworking, incorporating piercings, textures, and sculpted ornaments to create pieces that defy expectations. His commitment to pushing the boundaries of his art is evident in his continual exploration of new techniques and his dedication to staying at the forefront of artistic evolution.

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