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Gordon Browning
Solo Exhibition

Wood Symphony Gallery is pleased to present Gordon Browning's solo exhibition featuring 20 spectacular pieces. The pieces included in this exhibition are outstanding examples of Browning's very distinctive style. 

"I have always collected wood and worked with wood.  I lived for 27 years in south Florida, hence my interest in Caribbean woods, and I now live in the country on a small farm in southwest Wisconsin, which gives me access to an array of northern hardwoods.  A trip to Africa in 2012 led to a supply of salvaged wood from a sawmill in Libreville, Gabon. Most of my wood is salvage, which helps explain the variation in size and shapes of my work.


I have been making lathe-turned, blind-hollowed vessels since 2001. Each vessel is turned from a single log section—one piece, no segments.  I favor full-bodied, parabolic curves, a small base, and a respect for the grain that suggests the log beneath. Hold a piece sideways, rock it, the change in angle should catch your breath. Vessel walls are uniformly thin for lightness and balance, and the hole at the top is finger-tip small. The finish--tung oil or beeswax--preserves the wood's natural look and invites touch."

Click on each image to view details.

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