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Eugenia Meltzer

I have always been fascinated with the challenge of making a teapot or a tea caddy. Tea caddies are the most liberating for me. They allow me to focus on the piece as sculpture or simply the narrative a figure evokes. Horses and female nudes attract me for their strong curves, and I love the rhythm of their mane or hair. These particular tea caddies are a play on the word, caddy, of course, and they humorously reference horses. Humor is always a part of my work. If one looks carefully at the lips and nostrils of the “Tall Tea Caddy” and the “To the Victor Go the Spoils”, they will see the male sensing a female. The girl in the swimsuit “Beauty” is also a tea caddy with the teapot as part of her hat. Again there is a play on the word Beauty, because its last syllable could be spelled ‘tea’, as well as its normal spelling, ‘Beauty’. So these tea caddies are to be enjoyed first as sculpture, their secondary function is to carry a functional teapot, or tea set.

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